china 5 axis prototype factories

3/4/5 axis High Rigidity Vertical CNC Machine Center BK-1370B

$ 25,000.00 ~ 70,000.00

BK-1370B is mainly used for rough machining of parts and molds with large quantity of material removal which is applied in rough machining of general machinery, metal parts, injection mold, casting steel mold, and complex parts. And it can realize drilling, milling, boring, reaming and other machining processes. The machine tool spindle is modular type chuck structure that equipped with a high-precision indexable sleeve to make the tool holder more convenient to combine and change quickly.

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Excellent Performance Box way machinery BK-1890B CNC Machine Center

$ 45,000.00 ~ 90,000.00

BK-1890B is a high-end CNC machine tool. It can be used in rough machining, precision machining and special processing of parts.The machine can realize drilling, milling, boring, reaming and other machining processes.

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5 axis machine center BF-400A5

$ 120,000.00 ~ 190,000.00

The HT300 high-strength castings all have a processing out of the iron crumbs mainly in the form of strips, flakes, low dust ratio and they are processing on steel surfaces with close color. Baofeng machine tool guide rail installation project is done by high precision mother machine milling in advance, and then imported from abroad guide rail grinding machine finishing. Our contact surfaces are higher than those that only rely on grinding machines later and not scraped by hand

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High Precision Vertical CNC Machine Center BK-1375L

$ 30,000.00 ~ 75,000.00

The BK-1375L machine is mainly used for the automatic mass processing of parts and molds, such as complex cams, sample board, dies and arcs, and has a large range of applications in electronics, machinery, automotive, motorcycle, automation, medical equipment and other industries. In addition to high efficiency at a reasonable cost, this machine can realize customer-specific multiple machining services with our advanced technology. We hope to work together with you!

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