Horizontal machine center

Horizontal machine center


BAOFENG is a Large Horizontal Machining,CNC Horizontal Machining Center,Milling Machine Horizontal And Vertical manufacturers & supplier.

Horizontal CNC mills feed the substrate quickly through the machining center, replacing the need for deep milling passes with lighter cuts and facilitating an overall increase in efficiency and quality. Maintaining a consistently fast feed rate also keeps the workpieces and cutting tools continuously in motion.

Horizontals can easily do three times the work of a comparable VMC. This assertion assumes that the workload to keep the machine busy is available. Without question, you can get more done in far less time using an HMC. With the increase in production, shop throughput is greatly improved. Because multiple operations can be done in a single setup on an HMC, less work in process must move around the shop, increasing efficiency.

You can Service directly from the horizontal machining center manufacturer & suppliers for maximum quality and reliability.

1.Our spindle experts replace and repair your spindle professionally using only original spare parts.

2.Prioritized handling – service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our BAOFENG 24/7 service hotline.

3.Replacement spindle; alternatively a cost-effective spindle repair service by the manufacturer within a few working days.

Horizontal Machine Center BF-H80

$ 150,000.00 ~ 200,000.00

The HF-H80 Horizontal Machining Center is a high speed, high precision and complete integrated machine tool for processing box, shell and special-shaped parts in automobile, motorcycle, especially auto engine shells and reducer shells. The machine is used in many molding industries to process products with gears such as agricultural machinery and mining machinery etc.

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Horizontal Machine Center BK-2516H

$ 150,000.00 ~ 200,000.00

With the use of advanced technology, our basic large parts adopt first-class research and development methods such as brand-new mineral materials, three-dimensional synchronous design, FEM finite element analysis, etc. We carry out a reasonable layout to ensure good anti-distortion and anti-bending ability of basic large parts

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Horizontal Machine Center BK-1814L

$ 60,000.00 ~ 100,000.00

The T-type base, full support structure for each axis, makes the machining accuracy more stable; Large capacity tool magazine and strong processing adaptability. Single and double exchange pallets are optional. Automatic chip removal reduces cleaning downtime. Wide processing range suitable for processing all kinds of mechanical parts

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Horizontal Machine Center BK-1290L

$ 40,000.00 ~ 80,000.00

The casting material of HT300 is mostly in the form of strips, flakes, low dust ratio and processing surface color close to steel. Our guide rails are more precise than those on the market ground by a milling machine and not scraped by hand. The construction process of every step is standardized, even for each screw. And we have strict inspection standards to inspect the static and dynamic precision of the machine body and whole machines

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Horizontal Machine Center BF-630H

$ 90,000.00 ~ 130,000.00

The X-axis parallel rail adopts a stepped distribution to enhance the rigidity of the column when cutting in the Z-axis direction. The base is supported by a large span to ensure the stability of the whole machine. The key components have passed finite element analysis to ensure the stability and rigidity of the machine.

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Horizontal Machine Center BF-500H

$ 50,000.00 ~ 90,000.00

Our horizontal milling machine allows for low-angle cutting, especially on the side of the workpiece. It is suitable for machining very large parts and complex geometries. This configuration facilitates chip evacuation and tool change time is fast. It offers a pallet change function and it is more suitable for heavy parts requiring machining on several sides!

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