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BAOFENG BF-4023L Double Column Machining Center

$ 100,000.00 ~ 170,000.00

When you need a machine tool to process your mid to large size workpiece, look no further than BAOFENG. Our Vertical Bridge Mill line offers the strength and speed to make short work of your toughest jobs. We start with HT300 castings, annealed to eliminate deformation caused by internal warpage and stress. driven by a powerful Fanuc motor,

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BAOFENG BF-3026L Double Column Machining Center

$ 120,000.00 ~ 170,000.00

Our double column machining center is mainly used for the processing of large boxes, complex surface molds, large-shaped parts and plate parts. The X/Y-axis adopt super overloading linear rolling guideway, Z-axis adopts rectangular hardened and plastic hard guideway; high precision, high speed and strong cutting. Spindle box is equipped with hydraulic automatic balancing system which dynamically balances the self-weight of spindle box to guarantee processing accuracy and stability of the machine tool.

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BAOFENG BF-5026L Double Column Machining Center

$ 200,000.00 ~ 250,000.00

Double-column machining center is mainly used for processing large-sized boxes and complex surface molds, large-sized parts and plate parts. The equipment uses two columns, linked by the gantry of the column, which can move both horizontally and obliquely, so that the movement of a U-shaped table can be achieved by moving only one column in planes of x, y and z. This machine has high precision and powerful cutting force.

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BAOFENG BF-6029L Double Column Machining Center

$ 220,000.00 ~ 270,000.00

We offer Taiwan gear type spindle box and Germany ZF gearbox to realize strong cutting, equipped with Taiwan right angle milling head to realize simple horizontal machining requirements, and equipped with Taiwan universal milling head to realize multiple angle machining requirements. Equipped with automatic pentahedron milling head to realize multiple dimension high precision machining.

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