vertical machining center supplier

BAOFENG is a professional vertical machining center supplier in China.

Distributor of vertical machining centers including compact, large C-frame and double-column machines. Machining centers are designed for thermal stability and tight tolerance holding.

Features include different sizes, center distances and specification variations to suit different machining needs.

vertical machining center supplier

BAOFENG V10 Linear way machining center

Travel X-axis mm 1000
Y-axis mm 600
Z-axis mm 600
Spindle nose to table mm 110-710
Spindle center to column mm 610
Worktable Table size mm 1100x600
Maximum load on table kg 700
Controller Mitsubishi System M80
Spindle Driving type Direct drive 
Spindle speed rpm 10000
Spindle taper and specifications BT40
Spindle motor power kw 11KW-10000rpm(S1/S2 30min)
Spindle torque Nm 47.7/70(S1/S2 30min)
3 axis motor X/Y/ Z axis motor power kw 3.0/3.0/3.0
X/Y/ Z axis motor torque Nm 22.5/64
X/Y/Z rapid feed m/min 30/30/30
Machine accuracy(X/Y/Z) Positioning accuracy mm 0.003/300
Repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.002/300
Machine Dimension mm 2800x3200x3290
Weight Kg 7000

High Speed linear way Vmc BK-1370L High Efficiency CNC Machine Center

$ 25,000.00 ~ 70,000.00

BK-1370L is mainly used for the automatic mass processing of parts and molds, such as complex cams, sample board, dies and arcs, and is widely applied in electronics, machinery, automotive, motorcycle, automation, medical equipment and other industries. The high efficiency machining capability of BK-1370L makes it possible to effectively process the precision workpiece with high quality at a very reasonable cost.

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