vertical milling machine factory

The vertical milling machine is a precision tool used for shaping and fabrication by the removal of stock typically from metallic work pieces. Plastics and other materials can also be machined on the mill depending upon tooling and material. 

Mill controls may be manually operated, computer numerical controlled (CNC), or a combination of both. Mill machining and material removal are typically made by a rotary cutter held in a spindle. Cutting options are more sophisticated and variable than a drill press by virtue of a moveable table and/or vise (x and y-axes) and vertical spindle movement (z-axis). 

Many vertical mills also have a rotatable turret for the upper cutting head which provides even greater machining options (b-axis). A diagram is included in this procedure to help illustrate the varying axes.

Some of the common operations that can be performed on the mill include:

• Milling– These operations provide a flat surface or spot on a workpiece, typically with a specific

orientation to other work piece features, surfaces, or another piece. Facing is sometimes used

on an irregular shaped work piece to “true” one surface at a time to ensure that all surfaces

have appropriate specific geometric relationships with each other.

• Slotting or keyways – Slots, flats, or keyways can be cut with proper fixturing.

• Drilling or boring – Where specific orientations are required between work piece features, the

vertical mill provides the means to accurately index and machine holes.

High Speed linear way Vmc BK-1370L High Efficiency CNC Machine Center

$ 25,000.00 ~ 70,000.00

BK-1370L is mainly used for the automatic mass processing of parts and molds, such as complex cams, sample board, dies and arcs, and is widely applied in electronics, machinery, automotive, motorcycle, automation, medical equipment and other industries. The high efficiency machining capability of BK-1370L makes it possible to effectively process the precision workpiece with high quality at a very reasonable cost.

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