vertical machining center factory

vertical machining center factory

A vertical 3-Axis CNC Machining Center/Mill is used for creating various industrial parts. This is achieved by using a wide-range of tooling and cutters depending on the type of material being cut and the end product being manufactured.

A 3-axis CNC Mill works on three separate axes:

X-Axis: Moving longitudinally or “left-to-right”

Y-Axis: Moving laterally or “front-to-back”

Z-Axis: Moving Vertically or “up-and-down”

CNC Vertical Machining Centers can include an additional axis to do specific cutting applications.

Vertical Machine Center BF-650V

$ 10,000.00 ~ 50,000.00

The BBT40 spindle is supported by high-precision ceramic bearings to minimize noise, reduce vibration and suppress heat growth, which will help improve machining accuracy and surface finish. With a maximum 1G acceleration (3 Gs in Z axis), the machine is capable of handling most processing tasks at fast feed rates of up to 30 m/min. It is equipped with a powerful chip flushing device that removes chips from the cutting area without breaking.

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