Vertical Machine Center BF-650V

Vertical Machine Center BF-650V

  • USD 10,000.00 ~ USD 50,000.00/unit

    1/ unit (Min. Order)

The BBT40 spindle is supported by high-precision ceramic bearings to minimize noise, reduce vibration and suppress heat growth, which will help improve machining accuracy and surface finish. With a maximum 1G acceleration (3 Gs in Z axis), the machine is capable of handling most processing tasks at fast feed rates of up to 30 m/min. It is equipped with a powerful chip flushing device that removes chips from the cutting area without breaking.

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Product Code:
Shenzhen, China
Place of Origin:
Sea freight
Supply Ability:
1000 unit per Month
X/Y/Z Travel
Table Size
Fanuc 0i-MF / Siemens 828D / Mitsubishi M80
Spindle Type
Direct Drive BBT40-φ120
Spindle Speed
Rapid Feed
Rotary Table
4 axis / 5 axis optional
Table Load
CE, ISO9001

Technical Parameters

TravelX-axis travelmm650
Y-axis travelmm500
Z-axis travelmm500
Spindle nose to table mm150-600
Spindle center to columnmm480
TableTable Size (W×L)mm720*450
Table loadkg400
ControllerFanuc 0i-MF / Siemens 828D / Mitsubishi M80
SpindleSpindle Transmission Direct drive
Spindle speedrpm12000
Spindle taper BBT40
Spindle motorkw7.5/11kw-12000rpm(S1/S2 30min/S3 25%ED)
Spindle torqueNm35/47.7(S1/S2 30min/S3 25%ED)
X/Y/Z axisX/Y/Z motorkw2.0/2.0/3.0
X/Y/Z motor torqueNmXY: 13.7/47Z: 22.5/64
X/Y/Z rapid feed ratem/min30/30/30
AccuracyPositioning accuracymm0.003/300
Repeated positioningmm0.002/300
Machine toolDimensionmm2200×2780×2730


Detailed Photos

Small 3 Axis VMC 650 CNC Vertical Machining Center

Mechanical Characteristics

1) Three-axis 1G acceleration, rapid feed is 30m/min.

2) Three axis adopt high rigidity linear guideway, high speed, high precision.

3) Rear chip removal with the powerful chip flushing device, so there is no need to stop the machine to clean it.

4) Variable frequency tool magazine, angle sensing encoder, adjustable speed.


Direct Drive Big Plus Spindle

Direct drive12000RPM and 15000RPM BBT40 spindle optional, and to meet various processing requirements, different spindle motors will be matched to the chosen spindle speed.


Ceramic Bearing

The BBT40 spindle is supported by high-precision ceramic bearings to minimize noise, reduce vibration and suppress heat growth, which will help improve machining accuracy and surface finish.


Product Description

BF-650V is designed with an ultra-rigid structure and X/Y/Z axis high precision linear guide and ball screw with locking preload design, which can provide you with fast, powerful, and stable machining performance, making it suitable for high precision parts machining and mold machining. It can be widely used in the automotive, machinery, instrumentation, light industrial textile, and electronic instrumentation industries, and can fully demonstrate high precision and high-efficiency machining capability at a very reasonable cost.

Machine design:
The machine tool is of C-type structure, mainly composed of table, column, saddle, base, spindle box, hydraulic system, lubrication system, cooling, and filtering system, electric control system, and other components.

Design highlights:
Super rigidity, stability, and deformation resistance
1) Adopt large span support, according to the principle of Bessel point physical deformation resistance, so that the casting to obtain the best deformation resistance structure. The body is designed by Finite Element Analysis(FEA) to ensure the stability and rigidity of the mechanism.

2) With the use of a double-layer box structure design, the weight will be 20% more than the single-layer structure, while the stability of the body, resistance to deformation, and rigidity will be much higher than the ordinary single-layer structure. The foot of the base is designed to be tilted outward to make the base more stable.

BBT40 spindle features:
Smaller vibration, stronger combination
1) Adopt BBT40 direct spindle, compared with ordinary BT 40 spindle, the tool swing is smaller at high speed, tool vibration is smaller, the tool pulling force is stronger, and the combination of tool shank and the spindle is more rigid. Adopting ceramic bearing, it has better precision, rigidity, and finish than a steel ball bearing.

2) The tapered surface and the end face of the BBT40 spindle can fit close to the tool holder at the same time, ensuring the required tool rigidity under heavy cutting conditions.
Fitted with a short nose spindle, the tooltip position is further in from the spindle fixing point for more stable spindle machining and greater rigidity.
The smaller the spindle vibration, the higher the surface processing quality, the more efficient tapping, and the longer tool life. The fastest tapping speed up to 6000 rpm, the smallest tooth can be tapped M1.0.

Standard Accessories

1Spindle blowing system
2Coolant cooling system
3Automatic centralized lubrication system
4Spindle temperature control system
5Handle wheel
6Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
7Rear chip-removal device
8Guideway cover
9Fully enclosed cover
10Alarming light
11Working light


Our Advantages

Machine DesignGolden Ratio/
Spindle VIbrationV1V4
Oil Water FilterGuideway/
Joint SurfaceManually ScrapingOnly Gasket / Grinder
Guideway SurfaceMilling + GrindingOnly Milling
Metal Cover2.0/2.5mm1.8mm


1) HT300 castings: Processing out of the iron crumbs are mostly in the form of strips, flakes, low dust ratio, processing surface color close to the steel.

2) Guide rail surface installation: Baofeng machine tool guide rail installation surface by high precision mother machine milling processing, and then by the imported guide rail grinding machine grinding processing, higher precision (peers basically only have milling processing).

3) Manually scraping: The rigidity and precision of our contact surfaces are higher than those of machines on the market that are ground by a grinding machine and not scraped by hand.

4) Assembly: Every step of the machine assembly is standardized, even the tightness of each screw has to meet the standard and be recorded. 

5) Inspection standards: Baofeng adopts strict inspection standards to inspect the static and dynamic precision of the machine body and the whole machine.

6) Oil-water separation design: All of Baofeng's self-produced machines have oil-water separation design at the guide rail, which can extend the life of cutting fluid.


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Small 3 Axis VMC 650 CNC Vertical Machining Center




After Sales Service

1) Baofeng promises to be responsible for all machines from Baofeng, regardless of where they are purchased from, regardless of their age, and can provide after-sales service for all machines confirmed as Baofeng.

2) All Baofeng machines are delivered with the company's after-sale number, and after-sale supervisor, design supervisor, and sales supervisor's mobile phone number to ensure that can be contacted us anytime. 

3) Responsible for the quality of all Baofeng machines. Once the machine is found to have quality problems, we will do our best to solve them.

4) Provide 7*24 hours after-sales service and promise response in 4 hours. All machine tools maintenance only need to charge the cost of engineers travel. For all Baofeng machine tools, provide a free annual maintenance service.


About Us

Small 3 Axis VMC 650 CNC Vertical Machining Center


Q1. What's the MOQ?

A: 1 set.

Q2. What's your lead time?

A: It depends on the customer's requirement and quantity.

Q3. What's the payment term?

A: T/T or L/C. Negoiated.

Q4. How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

A: Each machine tests with professional Germany Inspection equipment before shipping.

Q5. Where is your factory located?

A: We have three factories in China. The biggest one is located in Huangshi City, Hubei Province; the other two are located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

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