vertical machining center manufacturers in china

Vertical machining center machines are used in a variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, to perform tasks such as drilling, milling, and tapping on metal or plastic materials.

There are many manufacturers of VMCs in China, ranging from small-scale workshops to large-scale factories. Some of the well-known VMC manufacturers in China include:

Dongguan Baoke Precision Machinery Co, Ltd.-specializes in machine tool manufacturing. It is awarded honors as “national high-tech enterprise”. Baofeng machine tools have been recognized as for advanced design, superior quality,valuable solutions and prompt support.

Haas Automation Inc. - An American company with a manufacturing facility in China that produces a range of VMCs.

DMG MORI - A Japanese-German company with a manufacturing facility in China that produces high-end VMCs.

Shenyang Machine Tool Co. Ltd. - A Chinese state-owned company that produces a wide range of VMCs and other machine tools.

Jinan First Machine Tool Co. Ltd. - A Chinese company that produces high-precision VMCs.

Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. - A Chinese company that specializes in producing VMCs for the automotive industry.

When choosing a VMC manufacturer in China, it is important to consider factors such as the quality of their products, their manufacturing processes, their after-sales service and support, and their reputation in the industry.

Additionally, it is also essential to consider the specific needs and requirements of the industry or application in which the VMC will be used. Some manufacturers specialize in producing VMCs for specific industries or applications, such as automotive or aerospace, while others offer more general-purpose machines.

China has become a significant player in the global machine tool industry, including VMCs, due to its low labor costs, skilled workforce, and government support for manufacturing. As a result, many foreign companies have established manufacturing facilities in China to take advantage of these factors and cater to the growing demand for VMCs in the domestic and global markets.

However, when selecting a VMC manufacturer in China, it is important to conduct thorough research and due diligence to ensure that the manufacturer meets the required quality standards and regulations, as well as provide adequate support and service after the sale. It is also essential to consider factors such as shipping costs, lead times, and import/export regulations when importing VMCs from China.

Vertical Machine Center BF-650V

$ 10,000.00 ~ 50,000.00

The BBT40 spindle is supported by high-precision ceramic bearings to minimize noise, reduce vibration and suppress heat growth, which will help improve machining accuracy and surface finish. With a maximum 1G acceleration (3 Gs in Z axis), the machine is capable of handling most processing tasks at fast feed rates of up to 30 m/min. It is equipped with a powerful chip flushing device that removes chips from the cutting area without breaking.

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High Speed linear way Vmc BK-1370L High Efficiency CNC Machine Center

$ 25,000.00 ~ 70,000.00

BK-1370L is mainly used for the automatic mass processing of parts and molds, such as complex cams, sample board, dies and arcs, and is widely applied in electronics, machinery, automotive, motorcycle, automation, medical equipment and other industries. The high efficiency machining capability of BK-1370L makes it possible to effectively process the precision workpiece with high quality at a very reasonable cost.

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